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Skydiving adventure in Fermo Italy

Why do some people enjoy such adrenaline-pumping things like skydiving?

I’ve always wondered, seeing as I’m pretty much the opposite of an adrenaline junkie. Extreme sports are not high on my lists of interests.

On a scale from scaredy-cat (1) to fearless (5), I probably rate myself a three (okay, maybe two). My preferred thrill-seeking activities include procrastination and driving fast on South Florida highways.

But since making the brave move from the states to Italy, I’ll kind of try anything, because why not?

What I learned: the appeal for many skydivers is the feeling of “letting go” while you’re free falling. For a few intense seconds, you are weightless and out of control as you flail through the sky. Yes, the views are gorgeous and it’s how these guys zen out. I dig it.

So as a complete (and terrifying) surprise, the boyfriend drove us out to the town of Fermo in Le Marche.

We met the awesome ragazzi at Flyzone Fermo and I got strapped in for my first-ever ride.

I remember about ten years back or so, skydiving seemed like a great thing to do to mark a birthday or a moment to share with family or close friends. It never happened, so I tucked that idea away into the “I’m older now and too scared to try” box.

Twelve hours before I was set to jump out of a plane, the boyfriend dropped the news we were taking a road trip to go skydiving. I was 1/3 curious, 1/3 in disbelief and 1/3 terrified.

We woke up early on a Sunday morning to clear, sunny skies, making it hard to resist a drive into the Italian countryside. We arrived in Fermo, about 45 minutes outside of Ancona, drove down a dirt road and reached this small skydiving operation.

“The hardest part is jumping out,” is a common refrain first-time jumpers often hear.

It’s obvious why. My heart raced, and so did my mind.

“What am I doing? I feel like I’m going to be sick.”

Then I remembered: Let go. You are not in control. Enjoy the ride.

So I did 🙂

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What a wild ride! My mind went blank as I barreled through the sky. My favorite part was the scenic descent after the parachute was released.

This is an extreme sport, no doubt. The professional men and women who love to do this is and make it look easy are jaw-dropping impressive.

I’m incredibly grateful to have had this first experience in Italy. Soaking in views of the Adriatic Sea and the Appenines made the whole experience worth while.

That said, I think I’m going to focus on being more grounded… in both mind and body   (I’m keeping my feet on the ground).

Skydiving taught me an important lesson and reminded me why it’s more fun to go with the flow. And, that it’s never a bad idea to try something that scares you.

Apparently this is my: “Ahh! Happy to be on land face.”

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