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The best little Italian city you probably never heard about

Ancona is one of the best seaside cities to visit in Italy. Found on the Adriatic sea amid rocky cliffs and nestled in between the hills of the Le Marche region is this tiny port town with a ton of history. A lot of times, it’s overlooked by tourists because it’s not as renowned or flashy as other Italian cities like Rome, Venice or Florence, but therein lies its secret. 

What makes Ancona worth visiting?

Ancona, by its sheer location on the water, is no stranger to visitors, but it’s not a city that is accustomed to waves of mass tourism. Nor, in my opinion, do some of the local population encourage it. Like much of the Le Marche region, Ancona seems to remain it’s low profile amidst influxes of tourism all over Italy. 

Ancona is the perfect little slice of hometown Italy on the sea. It’s uncrowded, unfussy, authentic and accessible. 

Travel tips for Ancona, Italy

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It’s a small, local town with tons to see, eat and explore, but it’s still very local. Businesses in Ancona close for lunch and shops aren’t always consistently open. 

Read about the best places to go, eat and sightsee in Ancona, Italy, to help you navigate the city. 

 I’ve had the pleasure to live in Ancona for almost four years. I’ve explored its seaside coves, winding alleys and green hillsides. I really fell in love with the city and all it has to offer, and I hope to share that with all of you. 

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