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    The best little Italian city you probably never heard about

    Ancona is one of the best seaside cities to visit in Italy. Found on the Adriatic sea amid rocky cliffs and nestled in between the hills of the Le Marche region is this tiny port town with a ton of history. A lot of times, it's overlooked by tourists because it's not as renowned or flashy as other Italian cities like Rome, Venice or Florence, but therein lies its secret. 

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    Amalfi Coast: Tasting the sweet life

    The South. It’s a unique place no matter where you hail from. In the states, it’s where the food, smells, sounds, sights and culture can be very different from the rest of the country. And, it’s no different in Italy. My boyfriend and I knew we had crossed the border into “The South” four hours into a five-hour road trip from Ancona to Salerno. Yes, the signs indicated we were leaving Lazio and entering Campania, but the drivers were the clear signal. Drivers straddled the two-lane highway, drove on the right shoulder and regularly cut us off. You see road rules don’t apply in the south of Italy, at least that’s what most southerners…

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    Skydiving adventure in Fermo Italy

    Why do some people enjoy such adrenaline-pumping things like skydiving? I’ve always wondered, seeing as I’m pretty much the opposite of an adrenaline junkie. Extreme sports are not high on my lists of interests. On a scale from scaredy-cat (1) to fearless (5), I probably rate myself a three (okay, maybe two). My preferred thrill-seeking activities include procrastination and driving fast on South Florida highways. But since making the brave move from the states to Italy, I’ll kind of try anything, because why not? What I learned: the appeal for many skydivers is the feeling of “letting go” while you’re free falling. For a few intense seconds, you are weightless and…